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How Labor Wines got its name…


Greetings friends!


When I first thought about the idea of starting a wine project, plenty of thoughts went through my head, but one thing that I really wasn’t clear on was what the name would be. Little did I know that Labor Day Weekend and the Labor Day holiday would give me clear inspiration and direction. The concept of Labor Wines was launched over a Labor Day when I was able to help a friend move from one city to another, thereby donating my time and ‘labor’ to them, as any good friend would do. It was here that I was able to truly relate the values of ‘labor’ to everything it takes to go into making great wine and this has lead to the credo that drives us at Labor Wines, which appears on every bottle.


Everything takes Labor to accomplish. Without Labor, there would be no end result and no satisfaction. Labor is the driving force throughout history of how to get things done. From Labor is the idea that hard work presents rewards and what better way to embrace that vision – from our hands to yours.


As we are about to enjoy another Labor Day holiday, I just wanted to take the time to remind each of you about the history of Labor Day.  According to the U.S. Department of Labor, this great American holiday was created to constitute a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.  It is here and now that I’d like to take the time to truly thank my business partner in the venture that we have created together, Labor Wines. Without his guidance, support and sheer faith in my vision, there was no chance that our little wine company would have gotten off the ground and had such a great chance at success so quickly.


Remember to thank those around you and those you don’t know personally for their work and dedication to the future of our country.  Take a moment to embrace the true ethics, values and strengths that have made our country one of the greatest and brightest.  Don’t forget those that have allowed us to get to where we are currently and why we are doing the things we do for our future Americans.


If you have a story, pictures enjoying Labor or would like to place an order, feel free and share with us on Facebook or via Twitter.  As well, you can always email me directly, or call on cell, 702.466.0987.


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